Why Am I Writing This Blog?

My name is Max Payton-Seville and I used to produce records. Blur, Radiohead, Savage Garden these were the kind of names that I would associate during the heydays of the 90s Brit-Pop scene. But those golden years of ‘Cool Britannia’, of white powder mountains and shining gold discs are long gone now. Now the average age of a record producer has dropped into the low twenties, these skinny legged adolescents haven’t heard of anything before YouTube and the notion of a guitar rock band has as much relevance to them as a black and white movie.

This is my story of leaving London in search of something more. Searching for the heart and passion that made me want to work in music in the first place. A musical odyssey through the most unlikeliest of places: Milton Keynes. Far from the self-conscious, twittering Instagram obsessed hordes of the big smoke; where people greet perfect strangers with a smile and wave. What I will attempt to set down in this blog is the story of my rediscovery of music; the tales of the people I met and how the power of music and self-belief can change more than a few ones and zeros in a PR man’s bank balance.