Trip to Stansted, Parking Secured, Blues Played

“Live music man, its the only way!” Jones was visibly excited, jittering all over with anticipation. The party wasn’t until late tonight at a local dive bar, but there was still a lot of preparation to go. I’d initially agreed to going out, rather selfishly, because I thought it would be a fun way to spend the evening. Now it would seem that I’d have to dig back in to my music promoting skill set in order for the event to go off without a hitch. As Jones talked me through the last few things to be sorted, I found myself unconsciously prioritising each point in to a mental list:

1) Although Jones insisted that transport could be covered with hitchhiking, I argued for the point of renting a van. We needed to go to Stansted to pick up a guitarist, so I hopped online to a site I used in the old days to book a parking space (

2) Next stop was the airport. We grabbed the massive BMW van, I took the wheel and we sped off to grab this guitarist that Jones was so excited for. He seemed a little nervous at returning to an airport, but I assured him we wouldn’t stay for long.

3) After picking up a rather fetching country music guitarist, all blonde hair, soft southern drawl and lip curling sarcasm; we had to promote the event. Setting up a makeshift stage in town; Jones played his usual set, with some back up from our new friend.

4) The plan was to go in search of Jones’ vagrant friends, but the impromptu concert in town ended up drawing them in. The pull of blues music was strong and soon the whole band was together, a collection of seven musicians in total.

5) By the time the night had arrived, a small crowd had amassed in the town square, although Jones was planning of playing the gig in a venue nearby; it seemed foolish to stop playing with such an audience. A unanimous decision was made to stay and play the night away outside.5e6fe25d4078aeb8a54cefa28d937f67

The day was a fun one, filled with driving and collecting people. It almost reminded me of my early days in music promotion. Picking up a van, and running round a forty mile radius getting things in order for what was, in the grand scheme of things, a pretty low-key affair. This kind of grass roots organisation was what made me passionate about music to start with, I crept into bed in Jones’ oddly fragrant laminate house later, with a smile on my face.